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The Kulcar Solution

Cool the Inside of Your Car

The inside of your parked car can easily exceed 190°F in summer heat. Using one or more Kulcars can reduce in-car temperatures by up to 68°F or more when properly installed. We're so confident that Kulcar can help cool the inside of your car, it's backed by a money-back guarantee.

Protect you, your family and your car from blazing hot temperatures, scorching surfaces, and chemical fumes.

Save Gas --> Save Money

In a single summer, Kulcar can cut your gas consumption by up to 20 gallons by reducing your need for A/C to make the car interior comfortable. At today's gas prices, Kulcar can pay for itself in just a few months. Using less gas also means less pollution and impact on the environment.

Cleaner Air, Better Health

Car interiors trap in chemicals, fumes, and odors that are especially harmful to children, seniors, and people with hypersensitivity or allergies. Kulcar refreshes interior air before volatile chemicals build up. Both UL/Air Quality Sciences and Volvo issued reports on the risks of poor air quality and the benefits of refreshing in-car air.

Read more about VOCs, benzene, and other chemicals found inside cars.

Your Car Needs Help Too

Excessively hot temperatures are bad for your car’s interior and for items left inside your car. Kulcar reduces the extreme temperatures reached inside a car, potentially eliminating heat damage to car interiors.

Superior Cooling Through Design

Kulcar’s patented dual chamber, dual fan design circulates the greatest amount of air in the shortest period of time for a device so small. With 45 cfm venting capability, Kulcar can completely replace the air inside an average-sized car every 90 seconds. The result is a significantly cooler car interior even on the hottest summer day.

Use the Sun to Cool

Kulcar is the only car ventilation system with a high efficiency/high output solar panel that can be adjusted to optimize it’s angle towards the sun, ensuring the highest rate of cooling and air replacement. It’s also backed by a 10 year warranty.

Hot, Noxious Air...Be Gone!

Kulcar engineers studied air flow and identified air expulsion (versus air intake) as the most effective way to refresh in-car air. And because interior air is continuously refreshed in as little as 90 seconds, fumes, chemicals, and odors cannot build up. You're left with a more comfortable car interior with much better air quality.

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