Do I need to uninstall Kulcar while driving?

It’s up to you! If you choose not to uninstall, we recommend putting the solar panel flat against the window while driving.


Can I use Kulcar in bad weather?

Yes! Kulcar is designed work regardless of the weather outside. After all, heat doesn't take a break just because it's raining! Using the rubber lining keeps bad weather out and gives you better performance.


Is there any differences between installing Kulcar on the front or rear side windows?

The cooling effect will remain the same. However since the rear side windows often are straighter with less curvature, it is easier to obtain a tighter seal with the rubber lining, and thus get better performance from your Kulcar.


Will I get a better cooling effect if I install more than one Kulcar?

In extreme climates and for larger cars like SUVs and minivans, installing additional Kulcar units can significantly improve the rate at which interior car air is refreshed, allowing you to experience improved cooling effects.


What if I lose the rubber strips or cut it wrong?

Contact the location where you purchased Kulcar or email us at info@kulcar.com


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